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Vomega – (Free of oil, a variant for Omega 3)

(Developed specially for vegans)

Improves blood circulation by immediate direct metabolism of ALA, DHA & EPA

Prevents : cardiovascular diseases & degeneration of brain

Relieves : chest, back & shoulder pains

Normalises : NT- ProBNP in blood

"Post corona health issues": Helps to reduce breathlessness & tiredness and head & body aches.

Sodium depletion (hyponatremia) episodes among elderly is reduced

Homocysteine causes damages on the lining of blood vessels resulting in reduced absorption of nutrition and oxygen.

NT-Pro-BNP in blood reduces the blood cells to retain sodium and issues related to low sodium issues develop. Also elevated levels is an indication of weak heart conditions.


Extra ordinary advantages : High percentage of precursor ALA (84%) helps in ingestion of food to separate Vitamin A otherwise not separated and is a precursor for DHA & EPA. The presence of ALA provides add on benefits in cardiovascular health, eye sight (vision), joint mobility, improves blood vessel conditions, liver and lung functions. (Relative Advantages)

Anti inflammatory effect on tissues, inhibits cancer progression and induce cell growth for muscle repair after accidents and long term sickness during rejuvenation. Prevention of cell deterioration retards setting in of dementia, cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Vitamin A (Retinol) has several function, some remain unknown though, in the body. The only source for retinol is oral dietary supplements which can release fatty acids by minimum consumption of fatty acids than that is required for its digestion.

Inadequate production of Retinol causes residual fat in the body and clogs blood vessels. This is prevalent among elderly, more among those who have poor digestion. This is diagnosed rarely among children and healthy adults with poor digestion. Retinol is produced when the ingested food is fully broken down with the support of some specific fatty acids. These fatty acids consumed for digestion are normally replaced by fatty acids produced during digestion.

These fatty acids are inadequate due to the lack of Retinol rich food or due to poor digestion. Changing into Retinol rich food may not compensate this as the fatty acids required to initiate digestion the Retinol rich food is insufficient during such situation. Vomega is an aqua based food, allowing direct absorption unlike other supplements, with 84% alpha linolenic acid to improve digestion along with other fatty acids.

The former is unacceptable for vegans as the source is fish and the latter requires more fatty acid for the breakdown. Fatty acids in Vomega are available for direct absorption as carrier is water unlike the ones in Omega-3 oils.

In Vomega, these fatty acids are sourced from a drupe (fruit) to provide a vegetarian supplement. The fatty acids, ALA, DHA & EPA in Vomega can directly act on the accumulated fat. This action prevents deterioration of cardio-neuropathologies and protects from partial or total stroke.

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After prescribing Vomega for a cardiac patient with elevated homocysteine, the patient never experienced severe discomfort, chest pain, palpitation and dyspnea.

Dr. Lalith Kumar, Cardiologist.

Advised full time bed rest (for rest of my life) to avoid a fall due to giddiness due to elevated NT-Pro-BNP…… After having Vomega for 3 months, I go for daily walk For 15 months for more than an year. My NT-Pro-BNP Level has come within range.

Sunetra, 83 years

After using Vomega, frequent chest pain episodes at rest was worrisome disappeared completely.

Professor Antony, 63 years

After 2nd vaccination with mRNA in US. I was experiencing breathlessness after climbing stairs. Now after using Vomega for 90 days, I am able to jog 4 kms (4-5 times a week)

N. Ramesh 55 years

After 2nd vaccination with Covishield, started experiencing high pulse rate,above 160 bpm after using Vomega for 90 days, I exercise for regular duration without any discomfort.

Alpana, 57 years

Advised survey for disc bulge (posterior L4) about 24 months back, after using Vomega for 90 days, able to cycle 6 kms daily for 16 months.

Praveen, 24 years

Source of Information

Research papers published by,

Wollengong University

Queen Mary University. 

National Health Services of UK

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Recommended by : Association of International Cancer Research Foundation.


1. Alpha linolenic acid (ALA), 84%, improves digestion and the precursor for EPP & DHA.

2. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and

3. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Tested and certified the contents at NAFm Chennai

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