Vomega for Vegans


Extra ordinary advantages : High percentage of precursor ALA (84%) helps in ingestion of food to separate Vitamin A otherwise not separated and is a precursor for DHA & EPA. The presence of ALA provides add on benefits in cardiovascular health, eye sight (vision), joint mobility, improves blood vessel conditions, liver and lung functions. (Relative Advantages)


From the fruits or drupes containing Omega 3 oil, either oil can be produced by a simple process or Vomega can be produced by a special process. Oils from these are the crude used to manufacture Vomega. The conversion process done during digestive process is completed during this process of manufacturing Vomega. The molecules can be directly absorbed by body without liver function, which otherwise separates out retinol.

Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, is an essential vitamin required in small quantities, produced from carotene, for maintenance, especially blood vessels. Consumed food including vegetables does not contain carotene and enzymes in the body cannot produce retinol from other sources. Sometimes, liver fails to convert carotene into Vitamin A from oils (fish or flaxseed). This may lead to unnoticed health problems, vision and cardiovascular diseases. Retinol is released only if the oil is digested and the fish oil is unacceptable to vegans. The insufficiency of fatty acids required for ingestion of food is compensated by Vomega.


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